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Its a thin line between patriotism and hatered here at Balkans, separated only by passion and crimes. Because, its so hard to find a place where people so passionately hate each other, on ethnic and religious level, covered by patriotism, built on the blood and bones of those who may dont posess power, weapons or domination over the theritories, ruled by majority. For some, this way of patriotism simbolize the only and propper way, on wich were built national myths and legends. To the others, it s a simply sinonym for convicted war crimes and genocide over the minorities living on their own, but in the wrong place or time. This kind of realtions among ethnicities at Balkans, are relic discousres – is this kind of radical patriotism just a wrong idea, or its about patriotism, built on empathy for the vicitims of the convicted crimes, through memorabilia and self conscesnious that leads to catharsis. Being a patriot who love his own and respect others.

In case of Kosovo war and ethnic conflict between Serbs and Albanians, there is a long, complicated and deep preludium. Over the history, it has its own timeline, with the moments where each side possesed power to discriminate the other one, hawing a power stick in its own hands. That specific ping pong party ended up with NATO intervention. To end up violence using force, because one of the sides has gone over the limit in that games of revenge and provocation. But instead to bring the solution, NATO air rides caused starving of civilians at both sides, together among Serbs and Albanians.

“Kosovo – Serbia parallel reality: NATO air rides remembrance” is a photography exhibition and discours realised by Grain and Kardan associations from Belgrade, supported by Aktivizam civilnog sektora za pomirenje u regionu bivše Jugoslavije – podrška REKOM-u. Main goal of this exhibition and discussion is to show some of the most critical events during NATO air rides, happened both at Kosovo and Serbia, at the same time or in some short period of time in between, so we can open wider perspective of those events, trying to awake culture of remembrance among visitors. Since remeberence on NATO air rides are absuputely different in Kosovo and Serbia discourse , this project wants to show that civilans from the both sides were killed at the bith side and there are no victims or throuth shown by separated sides.

Photographers from Serbia Imre Szabo, Milos Cvetkovic and Vuk Brankovic are whitness of those events both from Kosovo and Serbia trough their photographs, recorded between March 24 and June 8t 1999. This is dark, hard, turbulent, and heavy story. Heavy as a – truth. But truth we have to speak about on both sides.


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