Imre Szabo

Year and place of birth. Mokrin, in 1956. Completed high school at Kikinda. Studied German Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philology of the Belgrade University.  Published photos since 1974. articipated at over 200 exhibitions within the country and abroad, with numerous awards. Independent exhibitions: Kikinda (1974,  1988 and 2011), Mokrin (1977 and 1982), Skopje (1983) and Belgrade 1987,2011), Banatski Brestovac 2010, Paraćin 2012, Istanbul (2015).

Professional photographer since 1980 as newspaper photographer, initially at the editorial office of “Ilustrovana Politika” (until 1989), after that briefly at the daily newspaper “Politika”, after that at the editorial office of “Intervju” (until autumn 1991) and “Nin” until 1995, when he has decided to independently work with applied photography. In the eantime, he has worked as photography editor at the daily newspaper Danas, after that at the weekly magazine Blic News, Novi magazin, Status monthly magazine and for the news agency Fonet. His photos were published in numerous significant international journals (Stern, Focus, Spiegel, Mond, Lexpress, Time, Newsweek, Herald Tribune, Le Nouvell Observateur…) and in most Yugoslav newspapers, also in numerous monographs, catalogues and publications.

He has been a member of ULUPUDS (Assotiation the Serbian Applied Artists) since 1985. He is currently a freelance in Belgrade, Serbia.

Miloš Cvetković Cvele

Miloš Cvetković Cvele isone of the most important war photographers from Serbia. He is an author of some so called “the most poetic” war photographs made during wars in former Yugoslavia. He was born in Užice, Serbia in  1950. godine, where he work and live nowadays. He is a professional photographer since 1976. and his works are published in the magazines and daily newspapers such are  “International Herald Tribune”, “Independent”, “Daily Telegraph”, “Washington Post”, “Toronto Star”, “El Pais”, “Time”, “Stern”, “Spiegel”, “Newsweek”, “Paris Match”… He is a winner of many international and national photo contests.

Vuk Branković

Vuk Branković was born in Priština  in 1977. Since the end of war in Kosovo, he live and work in Belgrade. He is a professional photographer since   1998. Vuk Brankovic was born in Pristina in 1977. He is a professional photographer since 1998., and hes been published in some of the most important worldwide medias, such are Reuters, AP, AFP, Keystone, Corbis, EPA, DPA. His photographs were published in the leading world medias such are Guardian, NY Times, Independent, TIME, Newsweek, Le Monde, El Pais, Die Welt… Since the end of war in Kosovo, he live and work in Belgrade as an applied arts photographer.

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